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Music Scheduling: Speed Up Your Workflow

Recently, I hosted a MusicMaster Genius Session for MusicMaster scheduling clients. In this virtual seminar, you can pick up tips on how to make your music scheduling life easier.


Audio Aircheck: Urban AC in Boston


Music Scheduling: Don’t Wait To Automate

In today’s reality of radio, many programmers are looking around the office only to find there’s very little help to accomplish the important music maintenance tasks. Those necessary programming support positions are no longer, yet time management is still very critical. Thanks to MusicMaster Scheduling, there’s a way to set things up to serve as your ‘right hand’ help. Here are 3 ways to leave your behind the scenes work to MusicMaster:

  1. Auto Move:1

Understanding Auto Move will assist your decision-making process by automatically changing the category of a song based on pre-determined criteria, which you can set up. For example, the song Post Malone- Circles is in my Power Current (A) category, but I’ve got it set to move to Secondary Current (B) when it reaches 135 spins. Goodbye music meetings, we can set these moves up on a song by song basis and let MusicMaster do the work. Learn more about Auto Move in this Walkthrough video:

  1. Auto Platoon2

The Auto Platoon feature allows you to move songs from one category to another based on either Move Date or Category Plays. In the example, we’ve set up Auto Platoon to move our Golds on a schedule. It’s great to use this feature if you want to keep your rotations sounding fresh or perhaps you want to increase the longevity of your latest music test. There’s more on Auto Platoon in this video:


  1. Auto Reconcile:3

If your station has Log Reconciliation set up with a definition file, songs that were added, dropped, or replaced in the studio can be automatically reconciled into the schedule the next day to preserve song histories and provide accurate spin counts. This can also occur in real time, if you’re using Nexus. It’s important to note that standard log reconciliation needs to be set up using a definition file for the task and MusicMaster will need access to your “aired” logs folder in order for this to properly work, but the days of manual reconciliation are over. Get a deeper look at log reconciliation here:

Good luck automating these tasks for a smoother workflow. If you have any questions or if you’re interested in obtaining MusicMaster to set yourself up for success visit

Radio Show Takeaways


A snapshot of the epic AT&T “Batman Building” taken during a stroll down Second Street and Broadway, downtown Nashville.


If there’s any group of individuals who can put together a show, you can definitely count on radio broadcasters to create an award worthy event. Music City, better known as Nashville, Tennessee was host to the Radio Show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). Hundreds of advertisers, radio professionals, students, and vendors converged at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Nashville, right next door to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Over 20 information packed seminars, a dozen live entertainment events, and nearly 100 vendors filled the agenda across only 4 days. As a Young Professional attendee, here are my top 10 takeaways from the 2016 Radio Show:

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Radio Promotions That MOVE The Needle!

Listener centric promotions are vital to the success of any radio station, but execution and strategy are the true game changers in terms of moving the ratings needle. Check out my TOP 5 hand-crafted promotions (with promo audio included). Each promotion has generated lots of engagement with listeners with cross platform appeal.

Utilize the contact form if you need specifics on how to pull these off on your station!

Valentine’s Day Promotion:


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Listen Live!


Don’t let the work day get the best of you! Escape into a world of R&B, streaming worldwide at Chris Malone on-air until 2pm CST.

Music City, U.S.A

Images I snapped from a recent stop in Nashville, TN. Enjoy!

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