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Walking in Memphis @ sunset

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You’ve still got time!

Yes, it’s true you’ve still got time to be grateful for everything in your life at this very moment. It’s so easy to complain or subconsciously look at life through a negative lens, but as we approach the end of yet another year these final days present a perfect opportunity to reflect on the good things that happened to you this year. Trust me 2015 hasn’t been easy for me.
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Wise Words Wednesday – Scars Make You Who You Are


It’s amazes me how far a little encouragement can go. In this economy, advancement may be slow and our burdens are heavy, but it’s wise to motivate the next guy or gal. Appreciate the talents and gifts of others, if you’re in a position to help someone up–do it! As we watch the economies worldwide crumble, love for one another is what makes the world go round. Not money, not power, and definitely not greed. Maybe it’s time to get back to the basics. So, who’s in your life or at your workplace who deserves a little appreciation?



An octopus has it so good, lots of “arms” (tentacles) meaning they can multi-task and have the envious ability to be stretched all over the place. Humans are a bit limited in that regard. Our lives can get very chaotic whether you’re employed or not, parent of children, or single. We carry many titles. The best thing to happen to my life (professionally and personally) is when I found a good balance. Take a peek at my schedule, it’s made my life a little easier to deal with because the titles won’t go away..

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