You’ve still got time!

Yes, it’s true you’ve still got time to be grateful for everything in your life at this very moment. It’s so easy to complain or subconsciously look at life through a negative lens, but as we approach the end of yet another year these final days present a perfect opportunity to reflect on the good things that happened to you this year. Trust me 2015 hasn’t been easy for me.

As I type this article I’m unemployed, looking for work, preparing to relocate, and dealing with medical concerns with my aging father who lives miles away (see I told you, it’s easy to complain), but I challenged myself by faith to a fun and surprisingly rewarding task. Paper and pencil in hand, I started a list of 15 things that I’m grateful occurred in 2015. The year was full of so many twists and turns, highs and lows that I nearly forget I celebrated my 30th birthday just months ago! In my Christian faith, it’s what we call “counting your blessings”.

My recommendation to you is that you give this a try before you enter into 2016. Encourage your kids, spouse, and/or friends to get involved. Laugh at the memories, compare lists, count those blessings, and keep those positive vibes going into the fresh new year.

Here’s my list, tweet me yours @chris_malone

2015-12-26 00.29.42

15 Things I’m Grateful for in 2015!

To take things a step further, I also inked 16 things I’m already grateful for in 2016 as I wait for manifestation in those areas.

May peace, love, and GRATITUDE be yours every day in 2016! 


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13 year afternoon drive radio personality (Urban AC & Rhythmic background), voiceover artist, promotions assistant, and radio program director. Sounds like a lot? It is!! A lot of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. This is the blog space for radio's best kept secret, Chris Malone. Enjoy!

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