Worst songs of the 90’s….really?

When you think of the 90’s musically, you think of artists with very expressive hairstyles and uncoordinated fashions. At the very worst throughout much of that time period you had to deal with the complications of dual sided cassette tapes. Rolling Stones magazine has just released the worst songs of the 90’s based on respondents to their recent roll. Check out the list:


10. 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Up?”

9. Right Said Fred, “I’m Too Sexy”

8. Baha Men, “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

7. Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On”

6. Hanson, “MMMBop”

5. Chumbawamba, “Tubthumping”

4. Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby”

3. Billy Ray Cyrus, “Achy Breaky Heart”

2. Los Del Rio, “Macarena”

1. Aqua- Barbie Girl

As a teenage school kid product of the 90’s, I’m inclined to respectfully disagree with about 80% this compilation. Take the song “Macarena” by Los Del Rio for example, this song was an instant success when it was released. I recall the song used as curriculum during my high school gym class, it was definitely a favorite at baseball games, and who could resist jumping in front of the tv when this music video came on MTV??  Hanson’s “MMMBop” wasn’t necessarily the worst song of that era either because without it we wouldn’t know of Hanson’s existence (these guys are in the midst of a national tour today)! I’m certain, songs like Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” and Baha Men “Who Let The Dogs Out?” would attract people to the dance floor even to this day! I spent 2 years working for a radio station that rotated several of these titles quite frequently. I’ll be the first to admit while they’re fun to listen to, there’s a very low tolerance for these songs on a person’s radio week after week.  This list from Rolling Stones would have been better labeled “Best One Hit Wonders of the 90’s” (besides Celine Dion that’s about the only common thread I think of with this top 10)..Plus, I’d place money on Vanilla Ice up against Justin Beiber, any day.


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